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What is Sedex?

Sedex is a not-for-profit organization that aims to improve ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains. It stands for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, which is an online system that allows suppliers to maintain data on ethical & responsible practices and allows them to share this information with their customers.

How does Sedex differ from other organisations such as the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI)?

Sedex is an online database which allows companies to store and view data on ethical and responsible business practices. It does not set any standards or determine the policy of its members. It is purely a tool for facilitating access to information.

Is it based on a specific code?

The stores information on ethical and responsible practices covered by ILO Conventions, ETI Base Code, SA 8000, ISO 14001 and industry specific codes of conduct. Its members can use the information on the system to evaluate suppliers against any of these codes or the labour standards provisions in individual corporate codes. Sedex itself does not specify a particular code or state that suppliers have ‘passed’ or ‘failed’.

What are the benefits of using Sedex?

The aims is to prevent the unnecessary duplication of information and can actually help to reduce bureaucracy. Sedex members only complete one questionnaire and can share this with multiple customers.

It provides an efficient and cost effective way of communicating with your customers, by making one set of data available to multiple customers. This helps reduce the need for multiple audits, allowing both parties to concentrate on making improvements.

For more details please contact: SEDEX GLOBAL