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Fast order entry, ultra-fast execution speeds, direct order entry via
charts and Level II pricing are just some of the reasons why many
traders today choose cTrader as their go-to platform.
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ISO 9001 units out the standards for a excellent control machine and is the simplest preferred withinside the own circle of relatives that may be licensed to (despite the fact that this isn’t a requirement). It may be utilized by any organization, massive or small, irrespective of its discipline of activity. In fact, there are over 1,000,000 agencies and groups in over a hundred and seventy international locations licensed to ISO 9001.

This preferred is primarily based totally on some of excellent control concepts such as a sturdy patron focus, the incentive and implication of pinnacle control, the technique technique and chronic improvement. These concepts are defined in extra element in ISO’s excellent control concepts. Using ISO 9001 allows make sure that clients get consistent, good-excellent merchandise and services, which in flip brings many enterprise benefits.

QMS is applicable on every business including


Transport & logistics companies can benefit from ISOs in terms of quality, environmental management and continuity planning. With an ISO such as ISO 9001, you can show your commitment to customer satisfaction, while ISO 14001 demonstrates your focus on controlling the environmental impact of your business.

service providers
  • Ensuring you remain compliant with your customers' requirements.
  • qualify for new tender opportunities.
  • Maintaining an efficient service/product.
  • Providing a service/quality that is of the highest quality.

The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification is proof of the Bank's demonstrated ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer needs as well as applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Food Industry

ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System (QMS) standard that is widely adopted by many manufacturing companies, including food manufacturing companies. ... Given this, this paper aims to propose an instrument that can be used to measure the effectiveness of ISO 9001 implementation in food manufacturing companies

Exporters & Importers

ISO standards are recognised worldwide and your customers will understand the benefits of working with companies that are ISO certified. In fact, some of your customers will only do business with certified companies because it gives them assurance that you management systems are constantly assessed and approved.

Textile & others

Many textile and apparel industries have implemented ISO standards to lower its operating costs and improve the quality of its output, ultimately increasing the level of customer satisfaction. This will result in a systematic approach to management, incessant performance improvement, factual approach towards the decision making process, and a mutually benefiting suppliers relationship.

Why SCP ?

Our team of vastly experienced business councilors, assessors and auditors take a practical, down to earth approach ensuring management system certification is achieved simply and efficiently.

Our clients are varied and are involved in all types of business activities including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, I.T., Distribution and other Services.

We achieve this by utilizing our highly trained, experienced staff, at SCP, we always ensure our clients are our top priority and that they are treated with professionalism and courtesy.                                

Why grow to be ISO 9001 certified?

  • The attention on risk identifies areas of problem in advance and allows you to allocate reassets in which they’ll be most needed.
  • The control requirement engages upper-degree manage and brings high-quality assure greater steady with familiar business organisation objectives.
  • The normal overall performance evaluation and self-governance components can foster innovation and deliver extra tremendous charge for stakeholders.
  • The emphasis on organizational context appears at high-quality manage from a big-picturegraph perspective.

ISO 9001

3 simple steps to apply for Certification

Step 1 

Complete a Quote Request Form in order that we will apprehend your agency and requirements. You can try this via way of means of finishing both the net short quote or the net formal quote request shape. We will use this facts to appropriately outline your scope of evaluation and offer you with a suggestion for certification.

Step 2

Once you’ve agreed your proposal, we are able to touch you to ee-e book your evaluation with an SCP Assessor. This evaluation includes obligatory visits that shape the Initial Certification Audit. Please word which you have to be capable of display that your control machine has been absolutely operational for no less than 3 months and has been difficulty to a control overview and complete cycle of inner audits.

Step 3

Following a a success level audit, a certification choice is made and if positive, then certification to the desired wellknown is issued via way of means of SCP. You will acquire each a difficult and smooth reproduction of the certificate. Certification is legitimate for 3 years and is maintained via a programme of annual surveillance audits and a 3 every year recertification audit.

Is ISO 9001 certification proper for me?

Any agency can gain from accomplishing ISO 9001 certification and imposing ISO 9001:2015 as its necessities are underpinned through general control principles:

  • customer focus
  • leadership
  • engagement of people
  • process approach
  • improvement
  • evidence-based decision making
  • relationship management.

Some of the advantages of ISO 9001 certification mentioned through the agency on this document include:

Improved popularity and credibility

You want all of the facet you may get to conquer your competitors. As already stated, ISO 9001 is across the world recognized. Having this certification mechanically units you other than many others. It is a demand for maximum respectable companies while searching out corporations to paintings with because it offers them the warranty that they’re in secure hands.

Better purchaser satisfaction

The great manner to recognize the significance of pleasant your clients is to now no longer fulfill them. In no time, you’ll have none left to fulfill! ISO 9001 allows you to devise methods to continuously placed smiles to your clients’ faces. You get to maintain antique clients and entice new ones via advantageous reviews.

Happy personnel

Your personnel are simply as critical as your clients. With a complete workflow system, personnel’ jobs are simplified, making it viable for them to perform loads with out a whole lot hassle.

Optimize operations

ISO 9001 certification permits you to create a unbroken workflow through optimizing strategies. This makes it less complicated which will study the effectiveness of the system. You can hit upon sloppy handoffs, and create clean segues to shop time and growth productivity. In 2017, control of Abu Dhabi Ports acquired ISO 9001:2015 certification to optimize their operations.

Good judgement

Making commercial enterprise choices with exact judgement is some distance much more likely to bring about advantageous outcomes. Risk control is one of the center mandates of ISO 9001:2015 certification. With overall performance data at your disposal, you may shield your commercial enterprise through making well-knowledgeable choices to forestall related risks.

Continuous development

Successful corporations recognize that development is a journey. Today’s powerful strategies can be useless tomorrow. No depend how exact a factor is, there may be constantly room for development.

Increased earnings potential

Simply placed, you get to make greater money. Who doesn’t need that?

Better time control

Rather than waste time on tough strategies, it simplifies your commercial enterprise strategies and permits you to perform greater withinside the shortest time viable. As a end result of acquiring certification for ISO 9001, engineering company is capable of supply exceptional items and offerings on time.

Prevent waste

You now no longer should spend sources on routine problems. Fix the ones nasty snags completely to revel in clean operations.

In the subsequent chapter, we’ll cope with not unusualplace misconceptions human beings make approximately ISO certification. Get clean on those so that you could make a knowledgeable selection.

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